Ballistic ENIGMA on Jeep                                      2011 Tundra with Ballistic OUTLAW                              Ballistic JESTER on Tacoma

Ford F series with Incubus POLTERGEIST 501               Ballistic BULLET 044 on 2011 Silverado                 Menzari Z08 on 2010 Tahoe

Hummer H2 with Incubus POLTERGRIST               Chryler with Incubus PARANORMAL                    Acura with Menzari STERZO

Chryler 300 with Menzari ABSOLUTE                                     Lexus GS400 with Menzari VIM                         Ford Mustang with Incubus SHYLOCK

Ford Mustang with Menzari NOIRE                        Ford Mustang with Cattivo 730                             Ford Mustang with Akuza Reaper

Kia Soul with Akuza BELLE                                  Lexus IS300 with Incubus PARANORMAL                Mini Cooper with Incubus PARANORMAL

Volkswagen GTI with Incubus PARANORMAL                  Dodge Charger with Menzari VIM                        Pontiac GTO with Panther Scream

Toyota Avalon with Menzari STERZO Mitsubishi Outlander with Viscera 770                   Incubus POLTERGEIST on Chevy Trailblazer

Akuza 761 BELLE Akuza BLADE                                                            FJ Cruiser with Ballistic WIZARD

Ford F Series with Ballistic OUTLAW                           Chrysler 300 with Z08